How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders get a real workout everyday, whether you attend the gym or not. Your shoulders are used for lifting, reaching, throwing, catching, grabbing, and even getting off of the couch. Imagine how much more of a pounding your shoulders take at the gym.

The shoulder is one of the most injured parts of the body because of its constant use, and shoulder injuries that require surgery can have you laid up for months, affecting every part of your life. However, you can prevent shoulder injuries with several different techniques. Even if you don’t attend a gym regularly, that shouldn’t prevent you from working out your shoulders to build strength and prevent soreness or injury. 

stop shoulder injuries before they start

Stop shoulder injuries before they start

Most shoulder injuries can be fixed without surgery, but prevention is one of the best ways to ensure you won’t need corrective surgery. Whether it’s listening to what your body tells you or stretching your joints and muscles before a workout, shoulder injuries can be prevented. These injuries aren’t inevitable, and taking care of yourself is crucial to preventing any injury. 

What is your body telling you?

Pain is your body’s way of talking to you, and you should always listen to your body. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, don’t wish it away or attempt to push through it with more weights. Pain and soreness shouldn’t be ignored, and if it gets worse you might need to see a doctor. Fighting through or ignoring the problem could exacerbate the issue, which could lead to shoulder surgery.

Keep your body in shape

People that focus on fitness, staying in shape, and eating healthy are less likely to have shoulder injuries. 

Don’t lift too much during workouts

You don’t have to lift heavy weights to stay in shape. As a matter of fact, lifting as much as you possibly can on a regular basis can result in serious shoulder injuries. It is true that strength training increases muscle mass, but it also helps to protect your joints. It is recommended that you start with light weights and work your way up to heavier weights, within reason. If you can’t get to the gym, there are plenty of home weight-lifting exercises, using laundry baskets, household items, and even children.  

Exercise correctly

Stretching before and after you exercise is crucial in the prevention of injuries. However, some doctors now believe that you don’t have to stretch immediately before or after your workout. Some suggest that any stretching during the day is good for your joints, and getting to the gym early to stretch might be a thing of the past. When you work out, whether it’s morning or night, you want to get in and get out. Now, you can stretch in front of the TV at home before heading to the gym or you could stretch before bed as your “cool down.” And remember, don’t lift too much.

How to treat shoulder injuries

If you do sustain any shoulder injuries, here’s how to treat them

  • Rest is important
  • Ice any shoulder injuries
  • Take over-the-counter pain medications 
  • Avoid wearing a sling


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