Geriatric Care

Your Loved Ones Don’t Have To Face The Struggles Of Aging Alone

Bridges is the signature Geriatric Care Program at Stilwell Memorial Hospital. For those within our community who are subject to having to face the struggles of aging, we provide specialist, tailored care that encompasses relevant diagnostics, psychiatric care, and other treatment services.

As a specialist type of geriatric care program, we have developed independently, we are incredibly proud of this service, and the level of attentiveness and care provisions that we provide to our patients.

The program focuses on the changes that patients experience in their emotional or behavioral health. These problems may include Alzheimer’s, along with other forms of dementia, depression, anxiety, and aging adjustments. Bridges provide patients with an individualized treatment plan that also includes group and family therapy, structured daily activities, as well as any relevant medical care. 

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The Bridges Team

Dr. Jeff Jenkins, MD, is one of the only physicians in the nation that is board-certified in Family Medicine and Psychiatry. He leads the Bridges care team as Medical Director in serving patients and their loved ones.

Tamara McMillen, RN, BSN, is our Unit Director. She brings 25 years’ experience in Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, and Corrections.

Jeff Jenkins MD
Dr. Jeff Jenkins, MD
Tammara McMillen RN BSN
Tamara McMillen, RN, BSN
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Stilwell Medical Laboratory

What Is The Admission Criteria for Bridges?

While each and every patient could have their own set of circumstances and concerns, the details outlined below are the typical admission criteria for the program.

*Severe onset or worsening of confusion, disorientation, or memory loss

*Noncompliance with prescribed medications

*Failure of outpatient therapy.

*Sudden onset of hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, disinhibition, or other acute bizarre behaviors

*Severe episodes of crying, tearfulness, isolation, or depression

*Threat to self or others (real, perceived, or threatened)

*Inability to care for self or attend to one’s normal daily activities

*Dementia with behavioral disturbances, aggression or agitation

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Our Medical practice areas

Stilwell Emergency Room 24 Hours

Emergency Room

Stilwell Memorial Hospital provides 24-hour medical services and an ER staff that is always standing by.

Stilwell OK Gero Psychiatry


Medical and psychiatric assessments available as well as evaluations and treatment plans.

Stilwell Home Healthcare

Home Health Care

Our home health care staff offer outstanding service. They are medicare certified and licensed by the state.

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Our attentive nursing staff always provides our patients with high quality care and a positive attitude.

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Our pharmacy ensures that you get your medication when you need it and with precision accuracy every time.

stilwell physical therapy


We provide a wide variety of therapies from various physical therapies to speech therapy and more for all ages.

Stilwell Radiology


Stilwell Memorial Hospital houses a state-of-the-art radiology department. Providing X-rays, ultrasound and more.

Stilwell Respitory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

We offer both inpatient and outpatient visits. Our resources include Holter Monitors, treadmills, and More.

Stilwell Geriatric Care

Bridges (Geriatric Care)

Our Bridges geriatric care program here at Stilwell Memorial Hospital provides psychiatric, diagnostic and treatment services for patients facing the struggles of aging.