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The emergency room at Stilwell Memorial Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stilwell Memorial Emergency Room
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Stilwell Memorial Emergency Room

Access our in-house physicians and emergency care services when you need them most.

We provide the highest quality of emergency medical care to residents across all the communities we serve. Our dedicated team of medical professionals are skilled and experienced in a wide range of acute and emergency care provisions.

Onsite radiology, imaging, and laboratory providing full-service testing facilities — ensuring we can diagnose and treat patients conveniently and effectively.

Stilwell Emergency Room Services

24 Hour

Emergency Room Services

At the Stilwell Emergency room, we provide lifesaving, critical healthcare services. Our facility specializes in the acute care of patients who need urgent medical assistance, and our staff is trained to treat any condition or injury, whether that be life-threatening or minor stitching.

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What can our emergency room do for you?

While there are many reasons patients need to use our emergency room services, here are some of the typical symptoms that are best evaluated by an emergency room medical professional.

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