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Stilwell Memorial Hospital Medical Laboratory

For the ultimate care of our patients and the most effective testing, Stilwell is home to its very own medical laboratory. This facility enables us to deliver quality lab exams while retaining complete visibility and control of this function at all times.

We welcome walk-in appointments, and no appointments are required. Simply bring your laboratory referrals and get instant access to the testing as required. Our onsite medical laboratory provision allows us to offer both evening and weekend testing for patients who cannot otherwise attend during the week or in the daytime.

stilwell medical laboratory

Lab Testing Services

Medical Laboratory Testing Services Are Provided for The Below Situations

  • Full Service
  • Full Chemistry
  • Therapeutic Drug Testing
  • Hematology Testing
  • Blood Banking

The testing services we provide are offered 24/7 and are conducted by a team of certified medical professionals and laboratory technicians.

We are unable to disclose the results of the tests to your directly without your physician present. Your lab results are only a small part of the overall diagnostic picture of your health, and only the requesting physician/doctor can discuss these results with you.

Stilwell Medical Lab

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