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Medical services for the Stilwell community that you can count on when it matters most. Our specialized teams provide expert level medical services every week for all of Adair County. We are standing by and ready to help you with any medical situation you may be faced with.

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24 Hour Medical Care in Stilwell

Emergency Room

Access our in-house physicians and emergency care services when you need them most. The emergency room at Stilwell Memorial Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide the highest quality of emergency medical care to residents across all the communities we serve.

We have a dedicated team of medical professionals who are skilled and experienced in a range of acute and emergency care provisions. 

Gero Psychiatry

Geriatric Psychiatry

At Stilwell Memorial Hospital, we are incredibly proud of the team and the facilities we have, along with the high levels of ongoing care and education we provide to our local community.

Our Geropsychiatry services include a range of inpatient treatments that are tailored to the needs of our patients that are typically aged 60 and above. We also have the ability to take emergency admission on an involuntary basis. 

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Speech & Occupational Therapy

With a focus on improving communication, cognition, and functional independence, our therapists provide personalized evaluation and treatment plans for speech, language, swallowing, and sensory challenges. 

Using evidence-based techniques and adaptive strategies, we help individuals of all ages reach their therapy goals. With a compassionate approach and access to assistive technologies, we strive to enhance quality of life and maximize potential.

Respiratory Therapy Stilwell Hospital

Inpatient Acute Care

We proudly provide comprehensive medical care for patients requiring immediate treatment and monitoring. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals delivers personalized care, utilizing advanced medical technologies and evidence-based practices. 

With a focus on patient safety and well-being, our inpatient acute care services ensure round-the-clock medical attention and support, promoting a swift recovery and improved health outcomes. Whether managing complex conditions, recovering from surgery, or receiving specialized treatments, patients can trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality and compassionate care.

Stilwell Hospital Radiology


Our skilled team of radiologists utilizes advanced imaging technology to provide high-quality medical imaging services. From X-rays and ultrasounds to CT scans and MRIs, we offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging procedures. 

With a focus on patient safety and comfort, we ensure efficient and precise imaging examinations. Our dedicated radiology team works closely with healthcare providers to interpret imaging results and provide comprehensive reports.

Physical Therapy Stilwell Hospital

Swing Bed Services

Designed to bridge the gap between hospital care and returning home, our swing bed program provides a comfortable and supportive environment for patients to regain their strength and independence. 

With a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and social workers, we offer comprehensive care tailored to individual needs. Whether recovering from surgery, managing a chronic illness, or undergoing therapy, our swing bed services focus on restoring functionality and promoting a smooth transition back to daily life. Patients can expect personalized attention, collaborative treatment plans, and the highest standard of care throughout their stay at our facility.

Bridges Geriatric Care Stilwell Hospital

Bridges (Inpatient Geriatric Care)

Our signature geriatric care program offers specialized and tailored care for the challenges of aging. Our interdisciplinary approach combines diagnostics, psychiatric care, and treatment services. Led by Dr. Jeff Jenkins, a board-certified expert in both psychiatry and family practices, our 10-bed acute care program provides evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for emotional and behavioral issues. 

With a focus on individualized treatment plans, including group and family therapy, daily activities, and medical care, we embrace our patients as family members, ensuring the highest quality of specialized acute care.



Our expert team provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and personalized treatment options. From fractures to joint disorders, we aim to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life. 

Using advanced techniques, we offer both surgical and non-surgical interventions. Patient education and rehabilitation are integral parts of our approach, ensuring a well-rounded recovery. With a focus on individualized care and excellent outcomes, our orthopedic services are designed to help patients regain their active lifestyles.

stilwell medical laboratory

General Psychiatry

Our team utilizes evidence-based treatments to address various conditions, offering counseling, therapy, medication management, and crisis intervention. With a patient-centered approach, we create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their concerns and receive personalized care. 

Our goal is to promote emotional well-being and empower patients to achieve optimal mental wellness. Count on us for expert psychiatric services that help you regain control and improve your quality of life.

Respiratory Therapy Stilwell Hospital

Physicians’ Clinic

Our team of highly skilled and compassionate physicians is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services. Our clinic offers a wide range of medical specialties and expertise to address the unique needs of our patients. 

With a patient-centered approach, our physicians focus on building strong relationships, listening attentively, and delivering personalized care. From routine checkups to specialized treatments, our physicians are committed to promoting your overall health and well-being.

Home Health Care

Home Health Care​

At Stilwell Memorial, we provide a range of home health care services and provide a Medicare-certified service along with skilled nurses that are on-call 24/7 for those patients who might need to access medical support from their homes.

We remove the barriers to access this care and ensure our patients can always get access to the highest quality of treatment as and when they need to.

Stilwell Medical Laboratory

Medical Laboratory

For the ultimate care of our patients and the most effective testing, Stilwell is home to its very own medical laboratory. This facility enables us to deliver quality lab exams while retaining complete visibility and control of this function at all times.

We welcome walk-in appointments, and no appointments are required. Simply bring your laboratory referrals and get instant access to the testing as required.



At Stilwell Memorial Hospital, each member of our nursing staff has been hand-picked to join our team because of the skills, their attitude, and their passion.
Our nursing ethos is founded on delivering high-quality care with a positive attitude at all times.

From the moment you step inside our facility, you can expect to be greeted and treated with respect, warmth, and care.



Our dedicated pharmacy team plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional healthcare services. With a focus on patient safety and quality care, our pharmacy provides a wide range of medication management services. Our experienced pharmacists work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure accurate and timely medication dispensing, while also offering medication counseling and education to patients. 

We maintain strict adherence to industry standards and guidelines to guarantee the highest level of pharmaceutical care. Whether it’s filling prescriptions, managing medication therapies, or providing valuable information, our pharmacy is committed to supporting the well-being of our patients.

Physical Therapy Stilwell Hospital

Physical Therapy

At Stilwell Memorial Hospital, each member of our nursing staff has been hand-picked to join our team because of the skills, their attitude, and their passion.
Our nursing ethos is founded on delivering high-quality care with a positive attitude at all times.

From the moment you step inside our facility, you can expect to be greeted and treated with respect, warmth, and care.

Physical Therapy Stilwell Hospital

Respiratory Therapy

Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive respiratory therapy services to support patients with respiratory conditions and promote optimal lung health. Our skilled respiratory therapists specialize in the assessment, treatment, and management of various respiratory disorders. 

From providing breathing treatments and administering oxygen therapy to conducting pulmonary function tests and assisting with ventilator management, our team is dedicated to improving respiratory function and enhancing quality of life.

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