Your medication on time and at the right dosage

If you are a patient with us, then you might need to take certain medications during your time at our facility. Our first-class inpatient pharmacy service is responsible for services provided to the clinics, wards, and other hospital units.

They make sure that all medical supplies are sufficiently topped up and that each area has enough medicine available to them.

We use modern systems and highly skilled staff to provide this essential support facility to our different departments, and without fail, we work hard to make sure the right products are readily available as soon as they are needed.

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Our Medical practice areas

Stilwell Emergency Room 24 Hours

Emergency Room

24-hour medical services and an ER staff that is always ready to help our Stilwell community.

Stilwell OK Gero Psychiatry


Complete medical and psychiatric assessments available as well as evaluations and treatments.

Stilwell Home Healthcare

Home Health Care

Licensed by the state of Oklahoma and medicare certified, our team offers reliable service.

Stilwell Nursing 1


High quality care with a positive attitude defines our experienced nursing staff at Stilwell Memorial Hospital.

stilwell pharmacy


Our in house pharmacy makes sure that you get your medication on time and with precision accuracy.

stilwell physical therapy


We provide a wide array of therapies from different physical therapies to speech therapy for all children and adults.

Stilwell Radiology


Our in-house radiology services provide the tools your doctors need including X-rays, ultrasound and more.

Stilwell Respitory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

With both inpatient and outpatient visits, we can work with any schedule. Our resources include Holter Monitors and More.

Stilwell Geriatric Care

Bridges (Geriatric Care)

Our geriatric care program here at Stilwell Memorial Hospital is called "Bridges". Our bridges team provides psychiatric, diagnostic and treatment services for patients facing the struggles of aging.