Health and Wellness During Winter

During the cold Oklahoma winter, it's important to stay healthy. In this post, we’re giving you our top six tips for staying healthy and happy during winter.

6 Steps to Stay Well During Winter

#1 – Try to maintain regular exercise 

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As hard as it may seem when its darker earlier and colder, keeping up a regular exercise regime is vital for your wellbeing.

Aside from the fact that exercise is proven to release endorphins that can lift your mood, it’s a great way to maintain your health in the cold season. 

#2 – Try to get outside as much as you can

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Although it’s tempting to avoid going outdoors when it’s cold, staying indoors for days at a time with your heating on isn’t going to do much good.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, stay warm, and step out and enjoy some of the fresh cool air. 

#3 – Eat plenty of seasonal veggies 

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Winter is filled with a range of delicious seasonal produce. Aside from the fact it tastes great, it’s also a great way to fill your body with nutrient-rich foods.

Be sure to read our article on great fruits and veggies that you have to try.

Reduce your intake of pasta and stodgy bread, and opt for filling winter squash, dark leafy greens, and more. Fiber-dense foods such as these are also great for energy!

#4 – Try to get into a regular sleep routine

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When the mornings and nights are darker for longer, it can be more challenging to regulate your sleep. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating our individual sleep-wake cycles, and this gets released on a relative basis to light. 

It’s a well-known fact that an overexposure to light at night can reduce the quality of your sleep.

For those who use electronic devices, TVs, screens, or computers; this can prevent the release of melatonin.

If you wonder why you feel tired or sluggish in the morning, then getting too much screen time could be the underlying cause. 

Make sure you try to sleep and rise at the same time of day, every day. 

#5 – Keep to a healthy diet 

We all know that the winter months are synonymous with colds and other flu-like illnesses.

Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and get lots of vitamin C.

If you start to feel a change in your health, then having a range of natural remedies at home can help you take action as soon as you notice the early signs. Garlic, Zinc, Vitamin C, Honey, and Elderberry; these are all great things to keep in your cupboards.

Research immunity-boosting foods and make sure you enjoy a well-balanced nutritionally-sound diet. 

#6 – Take care of your skin 

The cool winter air can quickly suck the moisture away from your skin. Combine this with the extra heating in your home, and it’s easy to see why your skin needs extra TLC in the colder months.

winter skin moisturizer stillwell memorial

Using an oil-based moisturizer or a thicker variety is a great way to help your skin retain that moisture.

Drinking water is also another winter-essential where your skin is concerned. 

Although many of these points apply equally during the summer time, they become even more in demand during the winter. If you’ve kept up a good exercise regime and diet throughout the year, it’s important to try and keep things consistent, despite the lower temperatures and shorter days!


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