Best House Plants for Wellness

The connection between nature and wellness has been a long-standing topic of discussion. In this post, we wanted to share with you five everyday household plants that have health and wellness benefits.
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The connection between nature and wellness has been a long-standing topic of discussion. In this post, we wanted to share with you five everyday household plants that have health and wellness benefits. 

Five House Plants That Could Boost Your Well Being 

#1 – The Lavender Plant 

lavender plant wellbeing wellness

Lots of people already know that essential lavender oil is a calming soothing scent to have around the home. Aside from the fact it looks lovely and smells great, the lavender plant is also synonymous with deep sleep and air purification. 

It’s best placed in your bedroom as it has deep connections to promoting a restful night’s sleep. 

#2 – The Spider Plant 

spider plant wellbeing wellness

These plants are readily available and very easy to manage and grow. They are known for their air purification benefits as it helps to remove toxins from the air; specifically, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It’s best to keep them away from sunny spots and try not to overwater it else it may die off. 

Occasional watering is fine, low-light spaces are ok too, and it can help keep the air fresh in almost any room of your choosing. 

#3 – The Aloe Plant 

aloe vera plant wellbeing wellness

Aloe Vera is a plant that offers a huge range of practical uses in a household. If you use skin-care products, then chances are, that you have used one which contains Aloe at one point or another.

The gel found inside the fleshy leaves can be applied directly to your skin, and it can help to remedy a number of common issues; including frostbite, sunburn, psoriasis, and cold sores.

It also generates extra oxygen during the night, which can again, help to purify the air in your home. For those of you looking for anti-aging solutions, rubbing a little Aloe Vera on your skin is also thought to work wonders. 

It does need lots of natural light and deep watering, but it shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight, else the leaves will start to go brown. 

#4 – The Boston Fern Plant 

boston fern plant wellbeing wellness

These are a great choice for keeping at home because they are so easy to look after. Again, it is a natural humidifier, but it also helps to restore moisture and can help in homes that run A/C systems.

This plant grows best in cooler rooms, without exposure to direct sunlight. It is also thought to be a good choice for those suffering from dry skin as it purifies and adds moisture to the air in a home.  

#5 – The English Ivy Plant 

english ivy plant wellbeing wellness

The last plant in our list is one which has known benefits for the respiratory system. You can distinguish this plant from other types of Ivies due to it having bolder, larger veins with either yellow or white veins. 

It is said to naturally relax the airways, which can help to lessen the amount of coughing a person may experience.

For those with breathing conditions, such as bronchitis, asthma, or COPD, it makes an obvious choice if you’re looking to buy houseplants this year.

According to research, English Ivy can actually dilute up to 94% of airborne mold particles.

As we all look for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, there’s nothing so welcome as a helping hand from mother nature!


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