9 Surprising Health and Wellness Benefits of Linen

In this post, we’ve listed one some of the health benefits of linen, there are more, but we’ve condensed this post to cover the most appealing and surprising of all.

If you’re considering upgrading your bed linens and cannot decide which material or what thread count to go for, then you might find this article both intriguing and informative.

In this post, we’ve listed one some of the health benefits of linen, there are more, but we’ve condensed this post to cover the most appealing and surprising of all.

9 Reasons to Choose Linen for your Home

benefits of linen

#1 – It’s ultra-hygienic 

At a time where health and hygiene are of paramount importance to us all, this takes the top spot. Linen is known to be hypo-allergenic and gentle on sensitive skin while being anti-viral at the same time.

#2 – It’s anti-static

It can reduce static in a person’s body, meaning, unlike other materials such as satin, for instance, it won’t cling to your body. 

#3 – It’s antibacterial 

Linen works effectively to suppress pathogenic microflora and bacteria while repelling dirt.

In fact, linen is actually considered to be one of the cleanest fabrics of all, as it contains both antiseptic and antibacterial properties that work to prevent the growth of bacteria.

For many years, linen fabrics were used to make bandages for this exact reason.

#4 – It may help to stimulate healthy blood flow

Due to the micro-breaks within this type of fabric, it is thought than linen. Specifically, flax linen performs a very light massaging effect on the skin, which promoted a feeling of relaxation, and in turn, contributes to better blood flow. 

#5 – It’s very breathable 

There’s nothing more important than sleeping with breathable fabrics around your body.

It works as a natural temperature regulator, that can keep you cooler in the summer months, but warmer in the cooler months.

It also helps to absorb excess moisture which further aids a more comfortable night’s rest. 

#6 – It’s eco-friendly

The process of developing the fabric is far eco-friendlier than many of the traditional fabrics used for bedding, and there are fewer chemicals and less water used in the manufacturing process.

Overall, linen has a much lower environmental footprint compared with cotton. 

#7 – It’s long-lasting and very durable

Unlike another cotton that can ‘yellow’ or fade with overtime, linen actually becomes more comfortable and softer with age.

#8 – It’s odor-resistant 

Pure linen can actually work to destroy odors, and as we’ve mentioned, it works effectively to soak up excess moisture; this is how it helps to suppress bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. 

#9 – It’s great for those with sensitive skin

We’ve already touched upon this in an earlier point, but it’s worth highlighting why linen is good for those with allergies, asthmatics, or dermatological disorders.

Certain bedding materials can actually cause irritation to your skin and cause it to lose moisture while you sleep. Natural fibers, such as linen are always the best choice, they are less likely to cling to your skin, and they’re more breathable too.

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