Here Comes Summer– Four Ways to Beat the Heat

While we can’t change the temps we’re given outside this season, we can do a few things to stay cool when things get too hot for comfort. Here are four tips to beat that Oklahoma summer heat that’s on its on the way.
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Spring is on its way out (or is already gone) and summer is on its way in.

While we can’t change the temps we’re given outside this season, we can do a few things to stay cool when things get too hot for comfort.

Here are four tips to beat that summer heat that’s on its way. 

Give the Oven a Rest

fresh no cook meal ideas

It’s no surprise that after a hot day at the pool or working in the yard/garden, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook in a kitchen that is going to get…hot.

Here’s your permission not to.

Go for no-cook meals. This will keep your kitchen (and you) cool in the heat that comes with summer. 

Think salads, sandwiches, wraps, veggie and fruit trays, meat and cheese trays for meals.

If you’re indulging in dessert, think puddings or ice creams or to keep it healthier, go with a nice summer watermelon or cantaloupe, chilled for extra cool comfort!

And, if you want a quick grab and go snack, make sure it’s a healthy one!

Stay Hydrated

man drinking water to stay hydrated in hot summer heat

When we get dehydrated, our body temperature rises.

Staying hydrated really does help you stay cool.

Consider keeping a bottle of water with you.

If you have the water with you, you’re more likely to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

You’re also more likely to choose water over sodas/iced coffees/other cold drink options that are often not as hydrating and can contain large amounts of sugar.  

If you’re getting enough water, another way to stay cool and hydrated is to treat yourself to a fruit smoothie or make one yourself.

Fruit smoothies are a great way to cool down, and the fruit is hydrating to the body. Fruit smoothies are also great healthy replacements for snacks and even light meals.

Make sure if you’re not making the smoothie yourself that you double-check ingredients, as many restaurant smoothies contain quite a bit of added sugar.

You can request it be left out or reduced.

Consider Cold Water

shower head with cold water relief from hot summer heat in oklahoma

This time we aren’t talking about cold water in the body, but on the body. Cold water can help cool your body when it begins to overheat.

One way to use cold water to cool you down is to take a cold shower.

Cold showers are a great tool to help cool the body down when extreme heat has set in.

Cold showers also improve blood circulation and increase immunity.

Cold showers also give the body a boost in energy!

If you don’t need a cold shower but do need to cool down a bit, consider a cold spritzer.

Keep a spray bottle of water in your refrigerator. You can use this water to spray your arms, legs, and face when you need to regulate your body temperature. 

You can even help to cool the blood flowing through your body by spraying your wrists. 

Kick Those Shoes Off

dark skinned lady barefoot during the oklahoma summer

Going barefoot allows our feet to rest.

For some people, being hot includes sweaty feet– especially in the summer when we are sometimes wearing shoes without socks.

Resting our feet and allowing the air to cool the skin will also cool the blood in your feet.

This will give you a greater overall sensation of feeling cool. 

So, when the summer heat starts to get you down– consider one or all of these tips to keep you cool. 


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